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Deciding where to start can sometimes feel overwhelming. You do a fantastic job of caring for everyone else. Yet, it can seem challenging to begin to learn to practice self care. Where do you find the time to tackle it all?

You know you would love to fit better in your clothes, but even more important, you want to FEEL better and have more energy. Are you ready to invest in your health to feel fit and vibrant? Do you want to improve your labs and metrics? One example of what we can often accomplish together, is partnering with your physician to decrease the need for some medications with lifestyle changes.

Together we can work on finding your unique recipe for success. We’ll discover how to leverage your strengths, and use them to support daily actions that you choose to make your health goals come to life.

Getting started is easy as a 30 minute complimentary phone call to see if we are a “good fit”.

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Ready to get going with your 3 Month Wellness Plan?

The 3 Month Wellness Plan  includes:
  • Pre-assessment

This complete holistic questionnaire helps you to get clear on where your focus is and what needs attention the most. It helps me to get to know you, your strengths, and what goals are important to you before our first session.

  • Wellness POWER HOUR

In this first 60-75 minute session we’ll discover what your wellness goals are and how they are related to your biggest dreams. What adventurous changes do you want to make? What does the bold new image of you look like? Do you want more energy to play with your kids or grandkids? More “me” time? Want to feel confident at the beach this summer? Learn to eat clean? Try a new sport or yoga?

We’ll spend this entire session fleshing out the details of your dreams and ultimate wellness goals. Once we’re finished this session you’ll have a growing sense of confidence that you WILL reach these goals. You’ll also have a written “Wellness Vision Statement” serving as a guide to exactly how you’ll look, feel, and actions or behaviors you will be doing when you’ve reached your goals. This new “possible” you serves as an incredibly strong motivator to keep you on track. You can track your success with your goals and have additional tools available online with Vector Wellness.

  • Your Wellness Map

In the first hour we also manage to cover what precisely your Wellness Vision Statement means in terms of 3 month goals. These will provide the guidance during your 12 week journey to your bold and exciting destination.

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

These 30-45 minute weekly conversations will help track your progress. We’ll spend this time assessing, strategizing, and learning the how, when, and what that leads to your successes. There is immense power in the dynamic of accountability – not to me – but ultimately to yourself. Of course, the guaranteed weekly call helps hold you accountable to YOU. I will also provide you with an email reminder each week of the next weekly goals we identified.

  • Support

I’m only an email or text away if you need that extra boost on a challenging day. Although I won’t typically give specific advice, I am familiar with MANY resources, and am always happy to recommend a book, website, or article if you are looking for more information on a given health topic.

Ready to start with a proven way to create real, sustainable change in only 12 weeks?

Spring 2016 – 3 Month Wellness Plan 

Investment in Your Health = $  999

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Per session pricing available.

Get a group of friends together to get healthy together!

Group coaching available – very affordable rates.  Pricing based on group size. Group size is limited to 10. Group sessions last 1 hour and meet in person at your location or via teleconference – your choice. The motivation and accountability gained from group coaching is incredibly powerful. Get your Besties on board and make lasting health changes together!

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