Coaching you to THRIVE!!

Five years ago, I began having mild muscle weakness and was devastated to find out my neuro-immune disease, myasthenia gravis, was back out of remission. From past experience, I knew how awful the side effects of the medications were. As a nurse, I knew how dangerous some of them were too. As a wife and mom, I was DETERMINED not to let this disease slow me down from keeping up with my family, especially my 2 young and active boys. That’s where my journey of learning and  discovery began. I’m ecstatic  and proud to say I’ve put the myasthenia gravis back into remission, lost 30 pounds, and feel more energetic than ever.  Along the way I’ve read and learned new things  every single day. My new found knowledge led me to a passion for helping others turn their own health challenges around. I looked to the  top notch training from Wellcoaches and it helped give me a better set of tools to help my clients not only succeed, but THRIVE!!

If you are frustrated with health challenges that leave you feeling exhausted or at the end of your rope, I can help you learn what’s behind them. Most importantly, I’ll help you create a plan and an environment to ensure you’ll not only improve your health, but feel vibrant once again.



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